Purification steps account for up to 80% of the manufacturing costs of most biological drugs. In the vaccine industry, purification processes are particularly complex as vaccines aim at protecting healthy people. Any contaminant must be removed via multiple elimination steps which comes at the expense of product recovery: yields are low, product costs are high. Technically, this is partly due to the lack of specific capture systems for “positive” separation of the vaccine from its environment.

The EU co-funded project DiViNe will tackle these technical and cost issues with innovative nanotechnology-based answers, gathering the competencies of 6 partners from 5 different EU countries, coordinated by iBET :

The activities will last 60 months, costing €7.6 million, of which €5.8 million will be covered by EU funds.

The concept of “positive“ vaccines purification by affinity chromatography will be developed to obtain high yields at affordable cost with a sustainable approach of water recycling at low energy consumption.


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Project Coordinator mjtc@ibet.pt

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