2016 October – Poster World Vaccine Congress Europe

The DiViNe partners were happy to communicate the first results of theposter-divine-world-vaccine-congress project at the last World Vaccines Congress in Barcelona  with a poster entitled “Vaccines purification by affinity chromatography with Nanofitin ligands: demonstration with glycoconjugates”.

This poster explains why the DiViNe approach and the use of affinity chromatography with custom-designed specific Nanofitins will enable to improve the current vaccines purification process by reducing the number of downstream operations and reducing product loss.

The partners are developing a flexible Nanofitin-based platform for vaccines purification and it is illustrated on the poster with the first family of vaccines i.e. the glycoconjugate vaccines. We describe discovery and identification of Nanofitins directed against the CRM197 carrier protein, as well as their conjugation to resin.

For further information, please contact Nadège PREL (Affilogic) nadege@affilogic.com

2016 September – Periodic reporting for period 1 / Report summary

The DiViNe project is targeting three different families of vaccines: Family 1 (TF1): Carrier proteins used for glycoconjugates vaccines, extracted from live bacteria and for which only traditional purification technologies are applied with a low yield, Family 2 (TF2): Protein antigens that are particularly hard to separate from by products such as truncated forms, thereby requesting highly specific capture and Family 3 (TF3): Fragile enveloped viruses that are not amenable to usual purification systems. Since these target families will be covered chronologically in the course of the DiViNe project, the first 18-month focused on TF1, even though some work has already started regarding TF2 and TF3.

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2015 March – Press Release: €5,8 million to start a new era in vaccine purificationpress release

The DiViNe initiative, a joint European collaboration of renowned experts, convinced the European Commission. Its main concept is “positive“ vaccines purification by affinity chromatography based on 2 innovative nanotechnologies for higher yield and lower footprint.
The six participating partners from research and industry will receive more than €5.8 million in financial support from the new EU’s Horizon 2020 Framework Program.

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